Our Broker Associate
Personal Business Model

Our Broker Associate option is a simple,
sane and highly successful personal business model. It easily fits today’s remarkable new real estate economy and the lifestyle demands of today’s very Independent-minded real estate agent.

If you can envision real estate in a more relaxed, more authentic culture, you’ll find yourself not only having the freedom and independence you cherish, but the money you need to really enjoy it.

METRO BROKERS is a high-touch, high tech and highly human way to approach your career.


Yes, our brand is big-but it’s not as big as YOUR BRAND. Our organization isn’t top-to-bottom minded. It is built instead on the networks of people our Brokers influence and the creativity of nearly 900 entrepreneur members. We know smart entrepreneurs like to enjoy life, too.

We’re not for everybody, but if you’re willing to get the essentials done in your own independent way, you’ll find yourself being able to enjoy the quality of life Colorado can deliver.

We understand you want a little time to text message your buddies, some time in the mountains or maybe even a chance to catch a ball game every now and then. After all, that’s probably why you’re in Colorado to begin with! The Freedom Metro Brokers brings to your Real Estate Career will afford you these opportunities and more!
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