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You’ve been around a while, you know real estate and you’ve got a big investment in your career. You’ve paid your dues, isn’t it about time paid yourself?

METRO BROKERS gives you an extraordinary opportunity to own your own company and run it the way you want. You decide what is right- choose to keep your business small or build it as large as your wildest dreams, without spending tens of thousands of dollars getting started.

Our BROKER/OWNER option lets you get started the exact same way nearly all 600 of our company owners have, and you don’t have to spend $50,000 or pay a hefty percentage of your income to “rent-a-name”. Best of all, you get to set the culture of your own company the way you want it.

What other real estate model lets you actually start your own real estate company for just hundreds a month? You get all the brand name marketing muscle – 97% consumer awareness, a multi-million dollar website, intelligent and highly visible advertising, more raw expertise to turn to than perhaps any company in the West, and the prestige of being affiliated with Colorado’s highest paid real estate professionals.

When you stop and think about it, METRO BROKERS is possibly the most remarkable opportunity in real estate today.—

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