Start Your Real Estate Career

There are so many appeals to a career in real estate, even a part-time one. You’re meeting people every day, sharing their excitement and helping bring their dreams to life. No two days are ever alike. You decide where and how much you’d like to work. Your income is directly related to how hard you want to work.

The ability to fit your ambitions and your lifestyle make real estate the choice of a variety of individuals. You may be right out of college and looking to start a career in an industry with huge growth potential. You may already have another job but you are interested in making income, and valuable contacts, on the side. You may be looking to change from an unsatisfying career to a more varied, fulfilling experience. You like to help. You like to make things happen. No matter your age, background or experience, Metro Brokers is a great place to get started.

Get a good start in the career real estate

Becoming a licensed real estate broker is the first step in a solid and satisfying career. 

First, let’s help you to confirm if a real estate career is right for you. Metro Brokers can sponsor your entry into the industry with an outstanding program that makes becoming a real estate professional faster, smoother and much more affordable.

Become A Metro Broker

More freedom, more opportunities and more support, means satisfaction and success at Metro Brokers.

A Solid and Satisfying Career

Becoming a licensed real estate broker is the first step in a solid and satisfying career.

Metro Brokers is now the first major brand to offer its own pre-licensing training program - an affordable, online option that gives future REALTORS® access to a Metro Brokers branded course schedule.

This progressive new program, in cooperation with The CE Shop, combines the best of the classroom environment with the freedom and flexibility of online delivery. The engaging content has proven to be highly satisfying to new students, building excitement for a new career and our company. And the success rate for state license exams is close to 90%, almost 50% higher than other traditional industry programs.

Metro Brokers offers this program at a reduced cost to anyone interested in beginning their career with Metro Brokers. We also partner with schools providing interactive classroom options if that is what you prefer.

We’ll connect you with a sponsor who is a working real estate professional.

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Launch A Real Estate Career

Are you a broker who’d like to help someone launch their real estate career? (And help your business!)

As a broker thinking about your own Metro Broker office, recruiting quality new associates is key to growth and expanded income. This exclusive Metro Brokers pre-licensing program is an easy and affordable way to do it.

Begin your real estate career

Metro Brokers offers you the opportunity to begin your career. We provide an "end-to-end" offering that gets you licensed quickly within the Metro Brokers family.

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